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If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

Anna S.

I can’t say enough about Matt’s help. His expertise in applying for financial aid definitely helped us get more money than we would have on our own. He keeps us on track, on deadline and in step with what needs to get done. I would highly recommend College Funding Services.

George K.

They did a great job for us at a fair price..  as it turned out the service provided paid for itself with the funding we were able to receive.

Gary M.

As a divorced mother of two Matt at College Funding Services has been a sigh of relief for both myself and my ex-husband. After years of sitting down for hours doing all the paperwork and with all the follow up demands of the Colleges before financial aid was rewarded their help has been extremely valuable and we are continuing to hire them for a less stressful filing of all financial forms and reminders. And we will continue until the college years are over. The amount of stress they have lifted for me is tremendous. Thank you so much Matt!

Lea S.

We’ve had a great experience with Matt at College Funding Services. With all the forms and paperwork to deal with in the college process it was great to have him at my beckon call! When the pressure of tax info and other necessities were at our doorstep, Matt would be calming and helped to keep all in perspective. That alone was worth it’s weight! Plus as we received a certain amount of financial aid and Northeastern was refusing to match another university’s package, Matt personally attempted a final call to NEU for more money… And brought another few thousand to the table!

I would highly recommend taking advantage of their free consultation or visit a local high school seminar night. They present many useful tips in coordinating efforts in pursuing optimal aid. Whether you have no savings to begin with or some tied up in various accounts, College Funding Services will assist in many aspects to put you in the best position to potentially obtain necessary college funds.

Christine M.

Matt and the crew at CFS are a lifesaver. I found the whole financial aid process to be a daunting endeavor, however with their help it was a breeze. They walked me through every step and were always available to answer a question. I  wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Alison B.

We can’t say enough about how great our experience with Matt Carpenter and College Funding Services.  He filed all of our financial aid documents, followed up on a timely basis through a very stressful situation.  After our financial aid packages arrived we realized that the award was not enough to make it a possibility for our family.  Matt guided us through the appeal process, he advised us on the letter content and follow up with the financial aid offices.  The end result was a very generous award which made our daughters dream school a possibility for our family.  We came to know and respect Matt through this process.  We will be using his service for the remainder of college for our older daughter and for our younger daughter who is a junior in high school.  Take the plunge you won’t regret the tremendous assistance.

Melanie F.

My wife and I found Matt’s College Funding Services invaluable to us and our daughter. He was able to narrow down the wide variety of choices and defused much of the stress that goes along with the process. Matt was always available to answer any questions and kept the journey in a forward moving direction. We highly recommend College Funding Services.

Al C.