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The 4 Pillars Of Paying For College

Each CFS team member has been in the financial services industry for their entire career, with a focus and a passion for college planning.  Working 1-on-1 with one of our professionals, along with the support of our team, will be the best investment you can make towards college.


How to find the right college for the lowest cost

• How and where to qualify for the maximum amount of financial aid
• How to get free money even if you’re not eligible for financial aid
• Identify which colleges will give your student the most money
• What are colleges actually going to cost you vs. what you can actually afford


Do you have a CPA file your taxes? College is more complicated.

• Learn who needs what, where, when and HOW when it comes to financial aid applications
• One mistake on financial aid applications could cost you thousands of dollars
• Every college has different deadlines, with different requirements.  Let the pros handle this.
• Time is money.  Financial aid applications take A LOT of time.


A proven way to get more money from colleges

• With 16 years of experience we have a proven methodology for getting clients more money than the initial offer
• We work with current and former financial aid counselors that provide insider secrets
• There is no one-size fits all; we customize each client appeal strategy
• Incredible track-record with divorce/separated families and business owners


When to use resources & how to borrow at the lowest rate

• How to borrow at the lowest rate and the best repayment terms
• Advice on how much is too much to borrow
• If you have college savings, we advise on when to exhaust what resources
• How to take advantage of college tax loopholes

Meet with an Expert 1:1

What keeps you up at night? 60 minute consultation will answer any questions you have regarding financial aid and paying for college. This includes, but not limited to , determining your eligibility for grants and scholarships, determine which schools are cost effective for your family, and provide feedback on current schools, negotiating with colleges, strategically paying the bill, and borrowing opportunities.