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College Aid Pro is designed to help you pay less for college.
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#1 Rated
#1 Rated College Planning Technology
Financial Aid
See YOUR family's projected need and merit awards based on your personalized profile.

Pay Less
Use MyCAP to search for schools who will give you the best offer.

Here to help you navigate the financial aid maze.

What’s Included

Maximize Financial Aid and Scholarships.
Expert answers and advice whenever you need it.

Limit the stress and anxiety associated with paying for college

Get Coaching on Each Phase of the Financial Aid Process

You will learn exactly how your family can qualify for the maximum amount of financial aid & scholarships regardless of your income
FAFSA and CSS Profiles
We will provide line by line instructions for how to complete the FAFSA and CSS/PROFILE in a way that will maximize aid. Learn industry secrets!
Wondering how to negotiate with colleges for more money? Learn the strategies we use that have saved families tens of thousands of dollars.
Paying for College
Learn the most efficient way to pay and/or borrow for college. When should you use what resources? How do you qualify for the lowest loan rates? Learn about tax loopholes regardless of yoru income.

Exclusive, Lifetime Access to the #1 Rated College Planning Technology

College Aid Pro™ – and exclusive access to our community.

You’ll get access to your very own MyCAP account powered by America’s #1 rated college planning software – College Aid Pro™. Through this tool, you and your family will be able to:

• Project the potential costs of colleges on your child’s list
• Calculate estimated financial aid and Expected Family Contribution
• Load and store documents for safekeeping and easy access
• Determine the best way for your family to pay for college