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How do we get into Yale? Former Yale admissions officer, Eva Ostrum, shares her thoughts





In our weekly client-only webinar we like to start things off with some easier questions. This week we were lucky enough to chat with former Yale admissions counselor, Eva Ostrum, and lobbed her a softball question to start….”How do we get into Yale”. Below is her response. To tap into more of Eva’s wisdom check out her blog

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Former BU admissions counselor Brian Ford on need-aware schools

Below is a quick tidbit from our client only webinar series. Last week’s webinar was with former Boston University Admissions Counselor, Brian Ford, who is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the admissions process. During the Q&A portion he sheds some light on a great question from an attendee about schools who are “need-aware” and what that means with regard to admissions.

Coming up this week we will be hosting another live Q&A webinar with Eva Ostrum, former Yale admissions officer. We look forward to picking her brain on what students can do to put themselves in the best position possible for acceptance.