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John Munley

College Funding Specialist, CFP

John began his career in finance as a currency trader after graduating from BucknellUniversity. After over 25 years at various Wall Street firms he co-founded wHealth Advisors, an independent financial planning firm in RedBank, NJ. 

While putting three daughters through college, John learned the nuances of thefinancial aid process. Realizing how dizzying this experience was even for someonewith a finance background, John wondered how other parents were navigating thisprocess. After taking on numerous pro-bono college funding projects for family andfriends, John started seeing a common theme: small missteps were costing familiesthousands of dollars. Today, and in collaboration with the team of experts at CollegeFunding Services, John helps families optimize the school selection and fundingprocess. 

He has four beautiful daughters who keep him and his wife very busy. In John’s spare time, he enjoys following his New York sports teams, getting together with his Bucknell fraternity brothers, and attempting to master the art of grilling.