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Susan Trost

College Funding Specialist

Susan is originally a Buckeye and graduated from The Ohio State University. In search of sunshine, low humidity, great skiing and hiking, Susan and her husband Kirk moved to Colorado in 1996 and love it. Being an overachiever, she had 3 kids in 22 months! Little did she know at the time, it would actually be a good thing with college.

Working as a financial advisor, Susan realized how little training and insights advisors have on college planning. College debt was often a big regret of her clients. When her kids were in high school, she worked part time, so she could spend the other part of her day learning how the whole college process worked from all sides. She developed and taught a class for parents and teens called Making College More Affordable. Her efforts paid off with her kids accepting 9 scholarships worth over $400,000 (kudos to her hard working kids).

After extensive research on college planning firms, she decided to work with College Funding Services because they are holistic in their approach. CFS focuses on helping parents and teens avoid life-altering debt and uses the best software – College Aid Pro. She is looking forward to helping navigate you and your kids through this overwhelming but exciting time!